Pattern and measures “Charity jumper”

This are the instructions to knit the little red sweater from the previous post.


Charity Jumper

Length: 38 cms

Width: 33 cm

Circular knitting needles 5mm

1) Cast on 80 stitches and join, be careful, do not twist.

2) Knit 7 rows Rib 2×2

3) Knit 2 rows

4) Increase 1 stitch every 4 stitches (you should go from 80 to 100 stitches)

5) Knit two rows

6) Make a second increase row, this time you should make 1 increase every 10 stitches ( 10 stitches increased)

7) Knit 25 sts, place marker (PM), knit 30 sts, PM, knit 25 sts, PM, knit 30 sts.

8) Knit 2 rows

9) Make an increase before and one increase after each marker

10) Knit all stitches

11) Repeat 9 and 10 until you have 39 and 44 stitches between markers

12) Cast off 39 stitches between markers (these are for the sleeves, if you want the jumper with long sleeves you should place the stitches on a holder and and knit them later)

13) Cast on 11 stitches under each arm (110 sitches total)

14) Go on knitting until the piece measures 36 cms. from the beginning

15) Knit 7 rows Rib 2×2

16) Bind off all stitches

17) Make a kind happy with this jumper

I hope you understand the instructions, if not feel free to ask.

Free pattern, for personal use only, non commercial use.


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